Everything catches my eye

I remember the moment as though it were yesterday – I am 5 years old walking through the secure glass entry into my father’s jewellery store. Everything catches my eye; gold necklaces hanging in the window, diamond rings glistening and shimmering with every movement of light, and the safe so big and tall, that it towers above even the grown-ups! I approach the showcase of everything bright and sparkly and my eyes widen with wonder. Touching the stones shining with every colour of the rainbow, I fall in love.

As I grew older, I became fascinated by the differences in design and various settings, shapes and finishes. I would often compare them on my hand, wondering how they would look if I combined the styles to create something new. This continues to be my favourite part, playing around with making the most of the stones within a setting, displaying them at their best by adding special features to make each design unique.
In my 20’s, I joined the family business as ‘the runner’ and soon progressed from making tea to the workshop – which is where the magic happens! Here, I translated specific instructions from the sales staff to the jeweller’s mounters and setters, ensuring that each and every piece was made and finished to the highest possible standard.

The 4c’s of a diamond

In 2005, I studied my graduate degree in diamonds at the world renowned GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). Here I learnt more about the 4 C’s of diamond; Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight, and how variations of these factors impact both the rarity and beauty within each stone. I deepened my understanding of how the cut and proportion of a stone directly impacts the amount of light return, life, scintillation, brilliance and fire. As a result, when sourcing and calibrating diamonds for Anais Rose jewellery, only the finest will pass my specific quality control!

One day a lovely gentleman came into the store looking for a gift for his wife and asked me to try on an Emerald cut diamond necklace totalling 52 carats. I felt instantly giddy and lightheaded, as if my feet couldn’t touch the ground! The piece was so beautiful that I felt like a million dollars! It was then that I realised the power of jewellery to bring people such great joy. When you purchase a piece from Anais Rose, this is the feeling I strive to unlock.

Looking for new challenges

By 2007, I was looking for new challenges and experiences and went to work in Australia. Whilst there, I travelled to the Argyll diamond mine – an experience that will stay with me forever!

In 2009, my beautiful daughter Anais Rose was born, I took some time out and concentrated on design and enjoyed being more creative with my work. I began sketching and designing my own pieces and encouraged by fantastic feedback, I continued to create more and more of my own collection. In time, it became clear that I needed my own store and so Anais Rose jewellery was born! Setting up Anais Rose felt like a natural progression to me and I knew that I was on the right path. My visit to the Argyll diamond mine had changed things for me somehow. It was as though I could appreciate the stones more because I really understood the journey they had undertaken to get to me! I began to see my role in making sure that a diamond is used to its fullest potential in a new way. It made me even more determined to use each stone in the best way possible – so that it can be enjoyed as it was meant to be!

I love what i do!

I love assisting happy and excited couples, as well as the nervous and slightly frightened gents shopping alone, of course! I understand that my customers are looking to find that perfect piece of jewellery to symbolise their commitment to one another. I am experienced at using my wealth of knowledge and eye for detail to help customers to discover what it is that they really want. The majority of my work is bespoke because I enjoy making each ring individual and special. My goal is to transform your thoughts into reality and create jewellery that is so personal that you will cherish it forever!

I am so grateful for what I do – I have met some amazing couples and the satisfaction I get from my work is overwhelming! When I read a review or receive a thank you card I am extremely touched and honoured to have been part of your special journeys! Thank you!

Anais Rose