Bespoke Accent Rings in Canary Wharf by Anais Rose

Anais Rose create dazzling accent rings in Canary Wharf for discerning customers. The diamond accent ring can be identified by its large central diamond and the smaller complementary stones (most often, but not exclusively, diamonds) that act as accents for the centrepiece. There may be as few as two of these complementary stones with one on each side, or there may be many of them bordering the central stone in various patterns or shapes, and sometimes encompassing most or all of the band. Various types of diamonds are used as accents, including trillion cut diamonds, baguette diamonds and small round diamonds.

Diamond Accent Rings in Canary Wharf by Anais Rose

The diamond accent rings you will see at Anais Rose Canary Wharf are the epitome of the jeweller’s art. We use true high-quality diamonds with a minimum colour grade of E. Each stone is cut to perfection by world-class gem cutters and mounted in micro-claw settings. The resulting design is visually seamless and exudes a dazzling sophistication. For those looking to make a unique and timeless statement with their engagement ring, you can do no better than an accent ring by Anais Rose.

An Ironclad Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

There are two kinds of jewellers in the world: those who are aware of conflict diamonds and do nothing, and those who refuse to facilitate the trafficking of these blots upon our trade. At Anais Rose, we are committed to doing our part to stem the flow of conflict diamonds by adhering to both the spirit and the letter of the Kimberley Process. Every stone that enters our shop carries this important international certification. As such, you need never spend time worrying about the provenance of your diamonds.

Get in Touch with Anais Rose

The diamond accent ring is no ordinary engagement ring. It is a distinctive expression of the jeweller’s art and a timeless expression of your love and commitment. If you have something specific in mind that you do not see in our collection, let us know and we will bring it to life for you. Make an appointment at Anais Rose Canary Wharf by calling 020 7242 2992. We’d love to hear from you.

Made with 100% love

All items of jewellery are beautifully presented in a gift box along with professional cleaning products, ring size adjuster (where nexessary), diamond certificate (where necessary), valuation insurance certificate and promotional discount code for TH MARCH (recommended jewellery insurer).