Diamond Accent Rings in Hatton Garden

Diamond engagement rings can trace their history to 15th century Europe when Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded one. Not to be outdone, other members of the European nobility took up the practice and by the 1700s diamond rings as a symbol of betrothal were expected in the castles and manor houses of the day. Today, the diamond engagement ring is considered the ultimate statement of purpose and the ultimate symbol of common destiny, and few types of engagement ring make quite as big an impression as the diamond accent ring.

Transcendent Diamond Accent Rings in Hatton Garden

Diamond accent rings feature a large central diamond with smaller diamonds strategically positioned around the central stone in a way that enhances the overall beauty of the ring. When done right the accents complement the characteristics of the central stone. The end result is a ring of superb luminosity and elegance that is sure to leave the recipient short of breath and grasping for superlatives.

Those who stop by our Hatton Garden shop are treated to an array of diamond accent rings that are ideal expressions of the jeweller’s art. Our designers and craftsmen are among the best in the capital and have numerous awards to their credit. They understand every aspect of accent ring design and continually manage to come up with new variants of intense beauty and elegance. We could wax poetic about the quality of their work for days, but a better way to judge is to stop by Anais Rose and see for yourself.

Find the Perfect Accent Ring, Beautifully Realised, Ethically Sourced

Some jewellers are willing to look the other way when it comes to the provenance of the stones they work with. Not us. We believe that the accent ring we present to our clients should be both beautifully realised and ethically sourced. As such we are proud champions of the Kimberley Process. This vital protocol was designed to provide an unimpeachable way to separate conflict stones from legitimate ones. Our commitment to our customers is this; if a diamond does not have a verifiable Kimberley Process certificate it will not find its way into our diamond jewellery.

Don’t Settle for Less

Make sure that the ring you present on bended knee is one that will both express and seal the bond between you. Make sure it is a diamond accent engagement ring from Anais Rose, Hatton Garden.

Made with 100% love

All items of jewellery are beautifully presented in a gift box along with professional cleaning products, ring size adjuster (where nexessary), diamond certificate (where necessary), valuation insurance certificate and promotional discount code for TH MARCH (recommended jewellery insurer).