Breathtaking Engagement Rings in Marylebone

The diamond engagement ring is the ultimate statement of love and a timeless metaphor for the purity of one’s feelings toward their life partner. Few, if any, other purchases carry with them the same significance, potential or emotional weight. When searching for engagement rings in Marylebone you have a number of choices, but few that can hold a candle to the quality and variety you will find at Anais Rose.

Breathtaking Engagement Rings Marylebone

The engagement ring is like no other piece of jewellery you will ever purchase, or your partner will ever wear. It’s both promise and symbol, with unique significance for the presenter and the wearer that cannot be transferred to others. It silently speaks of commitment and unwavering dedication and should never be selected or purchased in haste.

We believe it to be vital that the engagement ring represent both parties. And so, to ensure your ring does that effectively, we’ll need to sit down and get to know you a bit. We will then make recommendations based on filtering what we’ve learned through our many long years of experience.

Bespoke engagement rings Marylebone

Uncompromising Quality and Ethics

The last thing anyone wants is for questions to be hanging over the engagement ring they present to their beloved. That can happen with some jewellers who are less than scrupulous about where they source their stones. It will never happen, however, when you purchase your engagement ring at Anais Rose. We insist that every diamond that enters our showroom carries a verifiable Kimberley Process certificate. This important protocol ensures the diamond in your ring did not originate in a conflict zone, so you can rest easy.

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We’re located just a hop, skip and a jump from Marylebone in Hatton Garden, so give us a call today and make an appointment to come by to discuss your needs and peruse our collection of peerless engagement rings. The number is 020 7242 2992. Just be sure to call during normal business hours. If you prefer, you can use the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you in a timely fashion. Either way, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Marylebone Bespoke Engagement Rings

Made with 100% love

All items of jewellery are beautifully presented in a gift box along with professional cleaning products, ring size adjuster (where nexessary), diamond certificate (where necessary), valuation insurance certificate and promotional discount code for TH MARCH (recommended jewellery insurer).