Anais Rose LTD helps to support Steps

STEPS offers confidential advice and support to people affected by hip dysplasia, clubfoot and other lower limb conditions.

They are the UK’s only national charity which supports ALL lower limb conditions, and their valuable experience and knowledge can help people make confident and informed decisions at what can be a confusing and difficult time.
Steps offer a wide range of services (many free of charge) to help and support families, their friends and individuals. They are continually developing resources to reach more families and raise awareness of the conditions they support.
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‘In 2010 my daughter Anais Rose was diagnosed with DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip). The charity was extremely helpful with lots of tips and suggestions on how to cope whilst she was in cast throughout the summer heat, as well as giving me advice on specialist car seats and pushchairs. Thank you Steps for your amazing work!’

Anais Rose LTD helps to support Steps by both raising awareness and donating annually.


National Helpline: 01925 750 271

Wright House

Crouchley Lane


Cheshire WA13 0AS

Registered Charity Number: 1094343