Carat Weight

This is the weight of a diamond and inevitably the size, although be careful of a diamond that looks bigger or smaller than it should, as the cut may not be ideal (see cut).

Anais Rose stocks diamonds from 0.25 ct upwards.

Explanation of diamonds carat weight


Clairty is determined by the amount of inclusions within a diamond. Most diamonds up to S12 clarity are free from eye visible inclusions.

Anais Rose stocks diamonds ranging Flawless – Slightly Included

Diamond clarity diagram showing the grades and category


The best colour for a diamond is no colour at all. A totally colourless diamond allows light to pass through more easily.

Anais Rose stocks only the finest white diamonds.

An image showing diamond colours


The Cut is sometimes mistaken for the shape of a diamond. The quality of cut is very important, as it determines how much or how little your diamond will sparkle (outside of the showroom).

Anais Rose only stocks ideal cut diamonds.

Explanation of the ideal diamond cuts