Diamond Halo Rings in Hatton Garden

Diamond halo rings first became popular in the 1920s, in the heyday of the Art Deco period. Providing a glamorous alternative to the classic solitaire engagement ring, they remain a favourite with many couples today. Featuring a large diamond, framed by a halo of smaller accent diamonds, halo rings are spectacular statement pieces that are sure to draw admiring glances wherever they are worn. In addition to having a beauty all of their own, the halo around the centrepiece in each ring enhances its lustre and apparent size, ensuring dazzling results even with centre stones of half a carat or less in size. Our collection of diamond halo rings is available for you to view in our Hatton Garden showroom by appointment: please call whenever convenient to arrange a time to come and see them.

Stunning Diamond Halo Rings in Hatton Garden in Many Different Styles

We have built our collection with great care, making sure that every piece is genuinely delightful and is sure to capture the heart of anybody to whom it is presented. However, we are aware that everybody has their own ideas when it comes to the settings and arrangements for the perfect diamond halo ring, which is why our expert jewellers have ensured our collection features rings that represent the very best examples of a variety of classic styles. Whether you are looking for the perfect cushion, pear-shaped or perfectly round diamond halo ring, you will find something to delight your soul in our collection.

Bespoke Diamond Halo Rings in Hatton Garden

For clients who are looking for a unique diamond halo ring that will be unlike any other, we offer a fully bespoke design service. You can either choose to base your design on a ring that is in our Hatton Garden collection or start afresh. Using traditional sketches and state-of-the-art CAD software, our master jewellers will produce a design that reflects your preferences perfectly and then create a resin model for you to approve before finishing the design by hand, using the best quality stones and precious metals. We promise the end result will exceed your wildest dreams.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Halo Setting

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of halo diamond engagement rings.


Obviously the primary advantage of the halo diamond setting is its breathtaking beauty. With the smaller stones complimenting and informing it the outstanding characteristics of the centre stone are amplified. Also, when the halo stones and centre stone are different colours the juxtaposition is quite alluring and focus is drawn to the centrepiece to an even greater degree.

The diamond has many desirable characteristics but the one that captivates most people is its ability to reflect, scatter and fracture light. With the halo engagement ring design, this effect is magnified to an intense degree. You would be hard-pressed to find any other type of ring that produces such compelling light effects.

Finally, let’s speak the unspoken truth that in some cases, size matters. While not everyone will be able to afford 4-carat solitaire engagement rings, a halo ring with a 1 carat diamond at its centre will appear nearly as large and will cost just a fraction of the price.


You wouldn’t think that something as breathtaking as a diamond halo ring would have any disadvantages. And in a sense, you’d be right. From an aesthetic point of view, there is no downside to the halo setting. However, there are a couple of secondary considerations that may come into play.

We mentioned above that halo engagement rings with 1-carat centre stones will be far less than 4-carat solitaire engagement rings, and that’s true. But they will cost considerably more than a 1-carat solitaire due to the stones forming the halo. In short, more quality stones (and every certified diamond in your Anais Rose piece is of outstanding quality) equals a higher price.

Another potential consideration is caring for the halo ring. That is, you must always be mindful of how much you jostle and jolt the halo ring because you don’t want any of the halo stones to fall out. On a related note, you also need to be mindful of the type of wedding bands you look at because you don’t want the wedding ring and diamond halo to be contacting each other all the time.

While this last consideration is not really a disadvantage per se, it is something you need to be aware of when contemplating wedding ring designs. To learn more book an appointment with our Hatton Garden jewellers.

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