Stunning Vintage Engagement Rings in Hatton Garden

At Anais Rose Hatton Garden we go to extraordinary lengths to provide our customers with world-class engagement rings. Whether from our own collection or made-to-order no London jeweller can boast a more compelling collection of exquisite gold and platinum engagement rings.

But because we are never satisfied we also scour the world looking for unique and equally compelling vintage rings we can offer our clients, and we have a knack for finding some of the best from the early to mid-20th century.

If you want to bestow your love with an engagement ring that will leave the right kind of lasting impression book an appointment to visit Anais Rose and peruse our collection of vintage engagement rings in Hatton Garden.

The Difference Between Vintage and Antique Rings

Unfortunately, terms such as vintage and antique tend to get bandied about with disturbing frequency and attached to pretty much anything that’s more than a few years old. Nonetheless, there are generally agreed-upon definitions for these terms, even if they are a bit nebulous and often disregarded.

“Antique” tends to describe any ring more than 100 years old. To put that in historical context an antique ring by currently accepted standards is one that predates the Art Deco period which began in the early 1920s.

By contrast “vintage” tends to describe any engagement ring made after the start of the Art Deco period up to about 1980. Although some will slide the latter date back as far as 1960.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Why Choose Vintage Engagement Rings In Hatton Garden?

There are numerous reasons why vintage engagement rings have enduring appeal. Some of those reasons include:

  • Diamond quality – Diamonds from 50 or 80 years ago were cut to accentuate more subtle pleasures. Some vintage diamonds also exhibit soft and very beautiful colouration.
  • Craftsmanship – The best of today’s jewellers can stand with those from any era. But the expression of craftsmanship in a vintage ring is indicative of its time and has historical value for that reason.
  • Kimberly Process – You can be certain that a diamond in any of the Anais Rose’ vintage collection did not originate from a conflict zone.

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Vintage engagement rings have enormous historic, cultural and emotional value and are prized by people with discerning tastes. We search high and low to find the best vintage engagement rings out there and present them to you, our customer, for consideration. To see our collection of dazzling vintage engagement rings give us a call on 020 7242 2992. We’d love to hear from you.

Vintage Engagement Rings Hatton Garden

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