Incomparable Wedding Rings in Marylebone by Anais Rose

Wedding rings are an eternal expression of commitment, symbolising the unshakeable union of two people. Wedding rings have been with us for some 5,000 years, dating to a time when couples in ancient Egypt used to present braided rings to one another as symbols of fidelity. Wedding rings as we currently recognise them became common among the aristocracy of the Roman Empire and finally among average people during the medieval period. If you are in search of truly memorable wedding rings in Marylebone you need to make your way to Anais Rose.

Incomparable Wedding Rings in Marylebone

At Anais Rose, we employ some of the most experienced and talented jewellers in the capital. Time and again they have proven themselves capable of producing work of great distinction that is respectful of convention but informed by an independent spirit that sets them apart. Every ring that makes its way to the Anais Rose showroom is a timeless expression of the jeweller’s art and a unique creation that will resonate with the recipient over the course of a lifetime, before becoming a priceless heirloom. Keep in mind too that we also offer a bespoke wedding ring service that is second to none.

Wedding Rings Marylebone

Peerless Craftsmanship, Unquestioned Integrity

The last thing anyone wants is for their breathtaking diamond wedding ring to become a source of consternation. But that can happen if the jeweller you choose is cavalier about who they obtain their diamonds from. We are keenly aware of the issues surrounding diamonds that emerge from conflict zones and are fully committed to banning them from our workshop. As such, each and every diamond you see in Anais Rose jewellery is certified by the internationally recognised Kimberley Process which ensures the integrity of its provenance.

Because Wedding Rings Matter

A wedding ring is more than just a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of the purity of one person’s intentions towards another. When the time comes to choose wedding rings for your big day, come to Anais Rose in Marylebone and discover what exceptional jewellery is all about. To arrange an appointment call us on 020 7242 2992. We’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Rings in Marylebone

Made with 100% love

All items of jewellery are beautifully presented in a gift box along with professional cleaning products, ring size adjuster (where nexessary), diamond certificate (where necessary), valuation insurance certificate and promotional discount code for TH MARCH (recommended jewellery insurer).